Who is the simple man?

Kenny Ridenour has always been a simple man. He is from the rolling hills of southern Indiana, where he grew up hunting and fishing and going to church with his family. He said a prayer to Jesus when he was twelve years old, but Kenny never really gave his life to the Lord, and at 17, he joined the Army National Guard in February 2001, just before 9/11. Even before the U.S. declared war on Iraq, he was called up to active duty and spent 13 months overseas fighting in that war.

Without God leading the way, Kenny made many worldly choices that took him off course for several years. Then, in 2008 he married for a second time, and a year later, he and his wife, Jen, gave their lives to the Lord, and that’s when things started to change.

In 2016 the Lord released them to move to Central Florida, where they got busy going deeper in the Lord. Kenny, a nurse, left the field to pursue the call on his life by God. He started school at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Still, on a fateful night that Autumn at a church conference, Kenny felt called to leave that program and sign up for Jeremiah Johnson’s Ministry School, Maranatha. He did that and went on to complete the program in May 2020.
He currently teaches in an online bible study and speaks at churches, retreats, conferences, and other ministry events in all 50 states. He and his wife Jen also own Enjoyin the Ride Social, LLC, a business content creation business and travel full time living in their 41 ft RV.

Kenny studied under and learned from many Godly men, including Jeremiah Johnson, Dr. Joe Davis, Barry Nichols, Sarah Coker, David Ravenhill, Corey Russell, Bob Gladstone, Kim Owens, Paul Johnson, and more. He has been honored to listen and learn from these great men and women of God. He is an ordained Minister. Kenny spends many hours in the word and the secret place, gathering from the Lord for such a time as this. If you’d like to invite him to speak at your church or event, please fill out the form on the booking page.